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Feedlot Tank Overflow Recycling

Feedlots require a lot of water. This simple fact results in millions of gallons of water overflowing into lagoons each year. In the past, this water was under-utilized. Now there is a better way.

Max Jantz Excavating has partnered with WaterMaster Irrigation and Munro Companies to develop an innovative solution to recapture the overflow water and supply it back to the livestock.

With the recent drought and water restrictions, this method of making the most of a vital resource is an essential addition to support the cattle industry.

Each system recycles on average 15-20 million gallons of water per year (depending on amount of overflow capture), but is capable of handling 100 million gallons per year. A single feedlot may utilize multiple systems depending on size and requirements.

If just a small percentage of the one hundred thousand dairy farms and feedlots in the U.S. alone utilized water recycling systems, the cattle industry could be recycling several hundred billion gallons of water each year. This small change can have a large impact on making the most of our limited resources.

Discuss your solution today with Aaron Jantz of Max Jantz Excavating and start the steps towards sustainability with your water supply.




Help Save Valuable Resources

Recapture water waste and supply back to livestock.

Control panel: programmable sensors & electrical system (shown above)

1. Overflow lines coming from pens

2. Central overflow collection tank

3. Filtration system: media filters above ground storage with backwash capability

4. Above ground storage tank can be chlorinated if needed.

5. Pump turns on when tank reaches level

6. U.V. filter eliminates bacteria and harmful pathogens

7. Meter measures water before integrating back into supply system.

8. Back to supply

For additional information on how we can help you or order an extended video on the system process, please contact Aaron Jantz, General Manager for Max Jantz Excavating at 1-800-536-2634.
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