Dodge City Wastewater Facilities

In Dodge City, Kansas, MJE embarked on a unique expansion project for the city's existing wastewater plant from April 2023 to November 2024. The project involved the installation of two facultative cells, an aerobic lagoon and an anaerobic lagoon, to the existing north and south lagoons. Notably, MJE had previously completed the earthwork for the South Lagoon in 2002, which was Heather Jantz's first project as a project manager.


Dodge City, Kansas


The project presented several challenges, including the extensive paving required for the lagoons. MJE’s use of a groundbreaking, custom-designed paving machine by Gomaco, capable of paving on slopes 86 feet wide, was a significant technological advancement. This marked the first time Gomaco had used a paver for such broad sections. Achieving the right blend and consistency of concrete was initially tricky, but the project proceeded smoothly once the mix was perfected.


The collaboration between UCI, MJE, Gomaco, and Astra-ReadyMix was not just a key factor, but the backbone of the project’s success. Astra-ReadyMix’s on-site concrete batch plant, set up for consistent and efficient concrete production, was a testament to the power of collaboration. Jeff Skidmore’s leadership and coordination with these entities ensured that the extensive concrete work involving 18-20 crew members was executed efficiently. The paving was done in 86′ x 86′ sections for the first lagoon and 60′ sections for the second lagoon, optimizing the workflow.

Custom Solution

The custom-designed paving machine by Gomaco enabled MJE to pave the base and slopes of the lagoons on an unprecedented scale. This equipment innovation facilitated the current project and opened up possibilities for future large-scale pours, such as commodity barns, shop floors, and bridge decks. The successful execution of such extensive concrete work showcased MJE’s capability to adapt and innovate in civil construction.


"Working on the Dodge City Wastewater Facility expansion has been an incredible experience. The scale and complexity of this project challenged our team to innovate and collaborate in ways we've never done before.

Seeing the custom paving machine in action and the smooth execution by our dedicated crew has been a highlight of my career. This project enhances the city's infrastructure and demonstrates MJE's commitment to excellence and our ability to handle large-scale, complex projects."

Jeff Skidmore, Project Manager

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