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Investing in the Future

MJE has a relentless focus on investing in the future. Using our time, talents, and dollars, we look for opportunities to help our community.

Types of Dairy Farms – Advantages & Considerations

There are different types of dairies around the globe. MJE helps making decisions about your dairy type simple. Whether it’s choosing a ventilation or milking system, we can help.

Process and Planning – Civil Construction Secrets

Using process and planning, MJE unlocks five secrets of civil construction using effective planning and process development.

An In-Depth Guide to Civil Surveying

Civil Surveying is the first step toward completion of major construction projects. Getting the details right in the beginning makes for a better experience during construction. Aerial and land surveys are a winning combination to provide the best possible data to engineers and designers. Frequent surveys establish efficiency and check for accuracy throughout the duration of the project.

Quality Assurance | Adding Value to Your Investment

Quality Assurance isn’t a checklist – it’s a culture of excellence. The ALL-IN MJE approach focuses on execution of massive construction with precision and efficiency to provide the most value for the money. We don’t cut corners and we stand behind our work. Our reputation is on the line with every project we undertake and our clients turn to us again and again to provide the best turn-key construction projects in the Midwest.

Dairy Construction Management Tips from the Pros

MJE takes our experience and equipment and puts it to work for our clients. We manage Construction so you can manage your business.

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