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Construction Capabilities from Start to Finish

MJE provides turnkey solutions to large- and small-scale projects. Our experience with nearly every type of build or excavation allows us to handle work others can’t match. MJE provides the highest value for the project due to quality and keeping everything under one roof. By not having to hire an additional contractor, we give customers more for their money than if additional contractors are hired à la carte.

We started in excavating but our customers know that we do so much more than just move dirt. We’re the leaders in agricultural construction but have the know-how and experience to complete large civic and infrastructure projects.

From designing to building, you’re in good hands every step of the way. Choose a team that gets work done on time and on budget, without sacrificing quality.

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Every Step of Our Process


We begin with your project vision and take the time to find out exactly what you’ll need. We’ll compare it with jobs we’ve done before and assess what makes your project unique. Our managers will survey stakeholders, visit the site and talk to you directly about what we can do.


We employ advanced technology to create preliminary designs to bring it to fruition. Consulting with internal and external experts, our skilled design team creates comprehensive plans, utilizing strategic best practices to efficiently fit your needs. Our team won’t give you a prefab solution to your unique challenge.


From the beginning, we have a thorough audit to determine project goals, schedules and budgets. With our history of delivering large and intricate projects, our team of estimators will work with you to deliver detailed quotes. Starting with a good foundation allows you to plan completely for the project budget, without unknown costs later in the process.


Communicating how all of the elements of design, pricing and timelines come together, we’ll make sure we’re all on the same page to move forward. You’ll know exactly how we’ll proceed, without surprises later. Then it’s time to sign the paperwork and get to work.


The area’s largest fleet of equipment and more than 45 years of building experience takes the project to completion. With our greater building capacity and cutting-edge technology, we’re able to reduce turnaround time, and still deliver a high-quality end project. Our project managers provide timely reporting keeping you apprised of progress and budget. The job is finished right and to your satisfaction.


Every aspect of the job is planned – including when you’ll be able to use your facility, in part and as a whole. We build in stages, allowing you to open up part of your feedyard or dairy for business while we’re working to construct other elements. That means a faster return on your improvement investment.

MJE Capabilities
MJE Capabilities
MJE Build Out Your Idea

Build Out Your Idea

Save time and costs by getting everything in one place. Our extensive experience allows us to handle all aspects. Let us design, build and manage your project.

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