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Why People Choose MJE

Building Trusted Relationships Over Time

MJE looks at each project as an opportunity to strengthen a long-term relationship with a customer. Instead of offering a quick, off-the-shelf solution to a challenge, we take the time to examine what will work better over the long haul. Looking out for customers and viewing their needs holistically fosters repeat business. Customers know the team working on their project has done it before and probably for them specifically in the past. We’ve earned our reputation by standing by our work, but also by looking for better ways to do the job.

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Why MJE We Seek Perfection

We Seek Perfection

Quality of communication is nearly as important as quality of construction. We’re known as perfectionists and we stand by our craftsmanship, but in the rare instances where problems arise, we keep you informed. We discuss the issues and bring solutions. If it’s not right, we make it right. Our work isn’t done until you agree it is.

We highly recommend MJE to anyone who is looking for a quality project built by professionals. It is clear by their attention to detail that they are a company in pursuit of perfection. They simply do not cut corners on the materials they use or in the construction process. MJE facilities are built to last.

Brandon Depenbusch
Brandon Depenbusch

Thoughtful Solutions to Complex Problems

We’ve learned a lot in nearly 50 years, but we’re always expanding our knowledge. We’re constantly updating techniques and consulting with other experts to improve our work.

Why MJE Thoughtful Solutions
Why MJE A High-Tech Approach

A High-Tech Approach to Construction

You’ll find innovation and technology in every aspect of an MJE project. From GPS-guided equipment and computer-assisted design, we incorporate precision and efficiency at each job site. We’re introducing new methods and the latest advances with each project, offering complete system capability. High-definition on-site cameras offer clients complete access during construction.

Protecting Your Investment

MJE looks out for its customers and the land we’re improving. Our workmanship assures the projects are not only long-lasting but built with integrity. We take environmental impact into account, ensuring enhancements are responsibly built and maintained.

Why MJE Protecting Your Investment
MJE Service Areas

Crews Nationwide

Our home is in southwest Kansas, but our work can be seen all over the country. We have teams and equipment working on projects throughout farm country, wherever they’re needed. Big-city operations with small-town service.