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Dairies in the Midwest

Over the course of the last decade, MJE has constructed some of the largest dairy projects in the Midwest. Our turnkey design-build process includes Earthwork, Plumbing, Concrete, Facilities, and Fencing. Key factors for a successful project are kept top-of-mind throughout the project. These factors include cattle health, environmentally sound manure management, proper initial earthwork, and concrete and fencing that will last for years to come.


Midwest - United States


MJE faces many challenges when building and designing some of the largest dairies in the world. The work is fast-paced, and the sheer scale of the projects is always a challenge. As we move through the different stages of construction, it is imperative to have the right experience, equipment, and skilled staff to complete the project. Many dairy projects require a significant amount of paving work, and MJE has 5 paving machines equipped specifically to meet the concrete needs of dairies.

Overall, MJE has over 350+ different pieces of heavy equipment, and a robust staff of experienced managers and operators to get the big jobs done efficiently in all phases of construction.


Throughout every project, collaboration is key. This is especially true when working with industry innovators. MJE works closely with the engineers and the client to turn those big ideas and concepts into reality.

Specialized crews working together with an MJE project manager ensure jobs are done correctly and within specifications. Our skilled workforce has years of experience when dealing with excavation, dairy paving, concrete wall construction, plumbing, and fencing.

Daily communication ensures that the project is always moving forward, and the logistics of building the world’s largest dairies is a smooth process.

Custom Solution

To build massive dairies, MJE has increased our workforce, and is able to run up to 5 paving machines specifically modified for dairy paving. Our project managers maintain communication with our industry partners and our crews with a hands-on approach that includes weekly site visits and constant contact.

Building a large-scale dairy requires that MJE designs and constructs a manure management process that is both cost effective and low maintenance. MJE offers a unique solution to the challenge of manure management by implementing new technologies to capture Biogas.

By combining the MJE design-build process with the vision and ideas of innovative Dairy Industry Leaders, we can design and build Dairies ready for a long and prosperous future.

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Discover what makes MJE a great partner in the dairy industry. Let our experienced team design, manage, and construct your next dairy project.

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