A Night to Remember: A Golden Celebration of 50 Years of Excellence

MJE, LLC recently commemorated an incredible 50-year journey with a celebration that brought together our founders, the Jantz family, alongside many of our cherished clients, vendors, friends, and dedicated employees. The event was a heartfelt tribute to the legacy and future of MJE, filled with stories, gratitude, and the shared success that has defined us.

The Legacy of MJE, LLC

MJE, LLC began as Max Jantz Excavating with one man, Max Jantz. With only ambition, he began offering dirt-moving and excavation services throughout southwest Kansas. As his experience grew, he also grew his expertise and his team of hardworking locals. Together, Max and his crews began offering more and more comprehensive construction services to build or expand large-scale feedyards, including paving and fence construction.

Since childhood, Max’s children Heather and Aaron, have been a steady presence in the company. Learning all they could about both construction and managing a business from an early age, they were destined to become part of the MJE Legacy. Upon graduation from college, both Heather and Aaron became regular fixtures within the company. With experience at every level, they were able to successfully transition to co-owners of MJE, LLC upon Max’s retirement.

Today, this powerful brother-sister duo leads a team of more than 240 employees and two successful companies, MJE, LLC, and MJE Livestock Equipment.

Event Highlights

Held at B-29 Doc’s Hangar in Wichita, Kansas, guests gathered for an evening of dinner, dancing, and heartfelt conversations about the legacy of Max Jantz and his contributions to dirt construction and the cattle industry. Music was provided by the Cory Farley Band of Nashville, Tennessee.

Aaron began the celebration with a heartfelt welcome, followed by a brief history of the company by the man himself, Max Jantz. Heather closed out opening remarks with a toast to the many people who made the success of the company possible.

After a delicious dinner was served by Blue Moon Caterers, it was time to share a very special video, told from the perspective of clients and employees of MJE, LLC. In a show of honor to Max, Heather, and Aaron and the MJE organization as whole, guests rose to their feet in a gesture of support with a standing ovation.

After a few tears of gratitude, Heather welcomed the amazing Cory Farley Band of Nashville, Tennessee, who delighted guests all evening with their vast repertoire of country and classic rock hits.

The entire event was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the MJE team and Brent McNulty of Douglas Event Productions of Wichita, Kansas.

Appreciation for the MJE Family

This event was made even more special due to its inherent collaborative nature. MJE and the Jantz family understand the success of the company is due in part to our amazing clients, the support of our friends and family, and the hard work of the vendors and employees that work hard every day to build ag’s biggest projects.

To those who couldn’t join us, know that your contribution is deeply valued, and you are an integral part of our continued success.

Looking Forward

The futures of MJE, LLC, MJE Livestock Equipment, and the Jantz family are looking very bright. With new ideas, technologies, connections, and relationships on the horizon, the team cannot wait to see what is coming down the pike.

MJE, LLC continues to evolve by expanding our capabilities in civil, environmental, feedyard, and dairy construction. MJE Livestock Equipment focuses on growing the dealer network and designing and producing the world’s most innovative and durable livestock equipment for the modern rancher. Our goals are to keep the ag industry safe, profitable, and innovative. 


As we reflect on the past, we again express our thanks to everyone who has made the first 50 years possible.  Cheers to the next 50 years of building excellence together!

To continue the legacy, we invite everyone to stay connected with MJE, LLC by visiting our website, signing up for our newsletter, or just stopping in when you find yourself in our neck of the woods.

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