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Engineering Specifications

MJE works hard to get it right the first time on any construction project. Our success in doing things the right way the first time is rooted in our ability to read, comprehend, and put into action Engineer specifications and plans. For over 20 years, MJE has worked closely with engineers to ensure a quality build for our clients.


Partnerships with engineers differ for every project. Sometimes, MJE produces designs and seeks a final check-off from an engineer before construction. For other projects, MJE builds to spec designs completed by engineering firms. It is also common for a client to hire an engineering firm to develop plans and then MJE bids on those jobs. A common thread throughout every different type of partnership is mutual respect and good communication.

“Our work experience over the last two-plus decades has always been one of great success. It does not matter if MJE was the prime or sub-contractor on the project, I knew MJE’s work would meet or exceed our expectations, specifications and achieve the ultimate goal of the project.”

Ray Slatter, PE, Director of Engineering Services, City of Dodge City

MJE works closely with firms such as EnviroAg, Burns & McDonnell, KLA Environmental Services, and Parkhill, Smith, & Cooper on feedyards, dairies, civil and environmental projects throughout the midwest and panhandle regions.


Nearly 50 years in the Ag construction business gives MJE the industry knowledge to tackle complex plans for one-of-a-kind projects. The staff at MJE uses the latest technology to carefully examine plans to address any potential concerns before submitting a bid or moving any dirt. Our attention to detail before doing any work prevents unexpected expenses or challenges down the road, so clients can rest easy knowing the project is in good hands.

“I have always found MJE to be very knowledgeable of construction best management practices, and they are a company I have learned can be trusted. MJE knows and understands the importance of keeping everyone informed of problems or issues and brings solutions to the table to quickly resolve problems that arise on a construction site.”

Robert H. (Holly) Holder, PE, Parkhill

If you are seeking a partner you can trust for your next big project, reach out to us – we are confident that our experience building to engineered specifications will pay dividends for the end-user. 

Let’s talk – email ContactUs@mjellc.net or call (800)536-2634.

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