Building Relationships


More than Construction – Building Relationships

Building relationships is as integral to MJE as building feedyards and dairies. Each project brings new insight from our customers into construction techniques, planning, and strategic design. The MJE motto is All-In, and the relationships we’re building start with a client-first mentality. Clear communication, comprehensive management, identifying problems, and providing solutions help MJE cultivate lasting relationships.

Clear communication builds lasting relationships

Listening to the client’s needs is the first step in building a lasting relationship. MJE designers collaborate with clients to bring their visions to life through listening carefully and identifying needs.

A high-tech approach to surveys, excavation, and site management provide details to project managers. This level of insight into the daily construction arms project managers with data to make informed decisions and clarify scheduling expectations without getting caught up in minor details. In addition, project managers share important construction milestones with clients.

Solving problems strengthens relationships.

Sometimes, large-scale construction is a marathon, not a sprint. Solving problems with effective job site management helps ease decision fatigue for our clients. On-the-spot decisions made by our qualified supervisors keep work moving forward so our clients can concentrate on managing their work.

Cost clarity and transparency build quality relationships.

Another way MJE builds lasting relationships with our clients is by respecting client budgets. Project estimators provide a clear, accurate bid before work begins so our clients can plan accordingly. The finance department works carefully with clients to invoice as the project progresses. Upon project completion, as-builts are performed, so clients only pay for precisely what was delivered.

“I really like how MJE’s invoicing and billing work throughout the project. The prices are already agreed upon, so there is never any hassle or arguing.”

Harry DeWitt, Blue Sky Farms

MJE builds relationships by providing solutions for long-term success.

Our success is directly influenced by the success of our client’s businesses. Drafting designs with future expansions in mind is one way MJE builds trust with our partners and clients. 100% of the projects in motion right now are with repeat clients (5/31/2022). 

Our clients aren’t just customers to us – they are our partners in success. Optimal cattle flow is like a superb construction project – remove barriers to success and plan for growth.

Clients know that they can count on MJE to make it right if any aspect of the project doesn’t meet specifications. A project isn’t complete until our clients are delighted. The MJE philosophy is that it isn’t how you start a project – it is all in how you finish it.


The goal of every project we complete is not just client satisfaction. Instead, MJE prefers to exceed client expectations every step of the way.

“One of the intangible and priceless results of working with the MJE team on projects the size of ours and the time we spent together, we became friends for life. We still lean on their expertise if we need help or just call to chat and catch up.”

Greg Gardiner, Gardiner Angus Ranch

If you are looking for a construction partner that cares as much about your business as you do – contact MJE to pave the way to success.

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