KDOT - Ford County Highway 50 Case Study

MJE is managing the earthwork and excavation for an 8-mile expansion of Highway 50 from Dodge City to the west, transforming it from a two-lane to a four-lane highway. This ongoing project, started in July 2022, is expected to be completed by May 2025. The expansion aims to improve traffic flow and safety on this crucial transportation route.


Dodge City, Kansas


The project has encountered formidable challenges, such as heavy rain and weather issues during the Spring of 2023, leading to progress delays. An unusual rock formation also necessitated specialized techniques for removal. These hurdles demanded unwavering resilience and patience from the crews and the prime contractor, Koss Construction, instilling confidence in their ability to manage unforeseen circumstances.


One of the key strengths of this project is its proximity to MJE’s headquarters, enabling efficient management and swift response to any issues. Project Manager Jeff Skidmore played a pivotal role in ensuring seamless communication between KDOT, Koss Construction, landowners, and other stakeholders. His local presence and deep understanding of the region fostered better cooperation and receptivity from landowners, providing reassurance about the project’s direction.

Custom Solution

The project encountered unusual rock formations, a challenge that required specific expertise. MJE, under the guidance of Jeff Skidmore, provided unique solutions to overcome this obstacle. His local knowledge and strong communication skills ensured that all parties remained informed and engaged despite the weather-related delays. Maintaining clear and consistent communication with KDOT, Koss Construction, and local landowners minimized disruptions and kept the project on track.

"Working closely with KDOT, Koss Construction, and local landowners allowed us to stayed on track. Seeing the progress and knowing the impact this expansion will have on Southwest Kansas makes all the hard work worthwhile."

Corny Fehr, Jobsite Supervisor

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