ODOT - Adair County/Siloam Springs Highway Expansion

The ODOT-Adair County Highway project, a unique endeavor located on the Oklahoma-Arkansas state line, was a testament to MJE’s ability to manage large-scale earthwork in challenging terrains. From January 2014 to July 2015, the project involved extensive excavation and rock blasting, a departure from MJE's typical flat high plains work, to prepare the site for highway construction. This project underscored MJE’s adaptability to various climates and geographies, showcasing our innovative approach to civil construction.


Adair County, Oklahoma


The primary challenges of this project included the rough impact of excavation on equipment and the considerable distance from MJE’s headquarters. The rock blasting, a new experience for MJE, was tough on machinery, leading to frequent tire replacements and maintenance issues. Additionally, coordinating equipment and crews over such a long distance required meticulous planning and teamwork.


Effective coordination and communication, under the leadership of Jeff Skidmore, were the cornerstones of this project’s success. The team developed a detailed plan for blasting and removing the rock to be used as heavy fill for the designated areas. The purchase of a new CAT 374 excavator specifically for this job demonstrated MJE’s commitment to equipping its team with the necessary tools for successful project execution. Jeff Skidmore’s leadership ensured that all team members were aligned and working towards the same goals despite the geographical challenges, reinforcing MJE’s dedication to excellence and teamwork.

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The ODOT-Adair County project necessitated MJE to embrace new techniques, such as rock blasting, which was beyond our usual scope of work. The crew’s adeptness in handling excavation in the rocky terrain demonstrated our versatility and capability. The strategic use of the blasted rock as heavy fill showcased innovative resource management and cost efficiency. This project underscored MJE’s commitment to innovation and investment in new equipment and training to meet project demands.

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