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Driving More Efficient Excavation Projects

Moving dirt is always going to be synonymous with the MJE name. Even though we’ve grown to include complete construction capabilities, excavation still retains the importance it had when the company started with one scraper more than 40 years ago.

Our team is just bigger and much more productive in how we tackle excavation projects. That smarter way to “just move dirt” makes everything on a construction site more efficient, more reliable, and better for the client.

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Technology Moves Excavation Projects Forward

Moving past our humble one-equipment beginnings, MJE has embraced technology throughout the business, especially on large projects. We’ve used GPS-mounted equipment for nearly 20 years, which gives us a level of precision impossible to achieve in the past. We’ve also worked in a variety of environments over many states, so we know how different types of soil and rock need to be handled.

Since our construction capabilities include more than just excavation, we’re able to see and manage projects holistically. Our teams in the field are able to work in real-time with the same computer-assisted, designs our in-house team has created. As conditions or needs change, on-site crews don’t get slowed down as our home-based team gets them the necessary design modifications instantly.

Our teams are always incorporating techniques to maximize excavation efficiency, as well. From running crews in better formations, to changing our scheduling to boost productivity, our capabilities have grown considerably. By implementing better mass excavation hauling methods, we’re averaging about 50,000 cubic yards of dirt moved a day – up from about 20,000 just five years ago. That’s doubling the production without doubling the number of pieces of equipment. Just by working smarter.

Experience Makes the Difference

It’s not just MJE the company that has had decades of experience in the field. We’re proud of the many workers and team members who have been with us for years, continually improving our processes and projects. When you’ve worked your way up from skid loaders to scrapers to road graders – and every piece of equipment we have – the pride shows in your work. That familiarity in the equipment means greater versatility on the job.

We promote from within, which makes for better managers in the field. Someone who has been a scraper operator remembers what that job entails. That experience allows them to ask what does that position need from other equipment operators to do that job better. Then, we can implement those techniques or ideas directly, empowering everyone involved.

Working with operators who have done the job before builds trust on the site permits MJE to function as a cohesive team. That keeps jobs running and allows the excavation team to turn the site over to next crew more quickly, to complete construction on time and on budget.

Put MJE’s technology and experience to work for your next excavation project.

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