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Dairy Construction Management Tips from the Pros

Construction typically makes people feel one of two ways – “LET’S DO IT!” or “When will this be over?!”. At MJE, our motto is “All-In!” so you can imagine which camp we fall in. Whatever your feelings are regarding big construction projects – excitement, hesitation, dread, or a mix – MJE is here to help. MJE builds the biggest dairies globally, and we’re here to guide you through the Construction process.

Our clients are the experts in their fields – Dairy & feedyard management. Trust us – no one knows cattle like a 5th generation dairyman. Like our clients are experts in their respective fields, MJE is the preeminent contractor for turnkey dairies and feedyards.

Pre-Construction Collaboration

Collaboration up-front is the ideal way to begin an expansion or new build. First, MJE crews work hand-in-hand with clients to identify needs, opportunities, and potential roadblocks. Then, MJE sends the Survey Crew to fly or stake out the land.


Working closely with client stakeholders, the MJE Design team drafts a design. Designers draw on years of combined experience to create custom dairies that align client goals with construction best practices.


Clients approve initial designs, and designs move to the estimation phase. Estimators provide accurate bids using rigorous prior job analysis with up-to-date costs. No client likes expensive surprise change orders, and we put in the work upfront to draft designs and estimates clients count on.

Carefully Managed Construction

Dairy owners and managers are busy with the work of running their businesses. Therefore, MJE project managers oversee every phase of construction. MJE’s hands-on approach to managing construction projects is a game-changer.

Project managers utilize advanced technology to assess progress and solidify schedules. In addition, job supervisors are experts in their departments and quickly troubleshoot challenges as they arise.

Changes in design happen occasionally, and weather delays are often inevitable. Project managers communicate construction developments quickly to stakeholders without surprises at the end of a project.

Capitalize on Current Progress

Clients want to make their investment money back as soon as possible. The MJE construction process moves quickly – we have over 200 employees and 350+ pieces of equipment.

Phased construction allows clients to use finished facilities immediately, even when other aspects of the project are still in construction. As a result, clients reap the return on their investment quickly.

“MJE shows up with a large amount of equipment and gets dirt moved in a hurry. They plan their work well around our cattle rotation; ensuring everything from hutch pads to calf weaning barns & heifer pens can be utilized immediately upon completion.

– Scott, Jerod, and Justin Ball, DEER CREEK FEEDING


MJE manages the construction so that YOU can manage your business. We build Dairies across the midwest year-round and can’t wait to let our expertise go to work for you.

Begin constructing the Dairy that will bring you a step ahead of your competitors in the coming years – contact us today to learn more.

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