Ryan Asbridge works on CAD designs.


Design Draftsman Joins MJE Team

Technology is a massive part of any MJE project. Whether it’s a state-of-the-art drone survey before the work begins, GPS-guided heavy equipment on the job site, or precision AutoCAD designs in the preliminary stages, we use any and everything at our disposal to make sure we do work accurately and quickly, so projects stay on time and on budget. 

MJE, LLC continues to grow and expand our capabilities, and recently,  Ryan Asbridge joined the design team as a 3D AutoCAD designer. Originally from Oakley, Kansas, Ryan moved to Montezuma a few years ago. He has experience in welding, farming, and as a precision ag specialist. Ryan is an expert troubleshooter with an interest in technology. His knack for data analysis fueled a desire to help farmers make data-driven decisions to increase crop yields. 

Ryan’s analytical thinking skills are an asset to MJE’s customers. Using these skills, Ryan will spend his days designing the dirt work for projects, building designs that ensure correct water flow & manure drainage, and efficiently using and moving dirt on job sites. These skills will reduce cut/fill whenever possible, saving customers time & money on projects. 

Additional strengths for Ryan are his prioritization skills and all-around people skills. He understands the need for good communication with project managers and loves to learn by visiting current jobs, going over previous MJE jobs, and looking for ways to increase productivity. 

Ryan’s day-to-day work often means long hours in front of his massive 36” dual monitors. However, his personal life often includes time on the Crooked Creek Country Club Golf Course in Montezuma, bow-hunting, or listening to red dirt country music such as Koe Wetzel, Shane Smith & the Saints, Kody Green, and the Read Southall Band. An outdoorsman at heart, he loves balancing his computer-filled days with outdoor activity during evenings and weekends.

MJE, LLC and MJE Livestock Equipment are always seeking qualified professionals to join our team. Since 2019, MJE has gone from 148 employees to just over 200 employees – even during a worldwide pandemic. If steady work and a technology-driven, fast-paced work environment sound good to you, then visit the Careers section to find the position right for you! 

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