Fulfilling the Biggest Civil Engineering Projects

The hard work begins long before the first cubic yard of dirt gets moved. Before any MJE construction worker, project manager or supervisor ever gets on site, we’ve done our homework to ensure our civil engineering projects will be up to specifications and delivered on schedule with maximum efficiency.

The MJE difference is in our experience. Long-term employees with decades spent in the field know how to carefully scope the project, and then execute the plans, leaving our customers – public and private – satisfied.

Construction Capabilities and Resources
Most civil engineering projects – such as highway grading, landfills, biogas plants, and reservoirs – begin with designs and scopes created by the client in the bid process. MJE approaches each prospective project with the knowledge of countless other jobs executed by our team. We take what we’ve learned in one project and apply that expertise to each new project, even during the bidding process.

With a staff of design/build experts, we understand what the challenges will be even before we begin the work. If there are ways to make the process more efficient, we work with the client or stakeholder to improve the original design through high-tech, high-quality means. We’ve translated knowledge from agricultural construction work to municipal construction work such as roadwork, employing new techniques and methodology.

Due to high-level specifications on civil projects, we address questions ahead of time to ensure the work will be done well and on time. We source the right materials and work with the right people – both internally or as part of a team – to build even the biggest projects. With more than 350 pieces of equipment in the field, MJE can meet the schedule of projects hundreds of miles away from our southwest Kansas base.

Prequalified for State Projects
State transportation agencies often require contractors to produce financial and bonding assurances to ensure taxpayers won’t be left high and dry by inferior or incomplete work. MJE’s solid financial status and experience has led us to prequalification status in Kansas, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and South Dakota, which maintains a high level of accountability on every project.

Even in cases where MJE is not the prime contractor, such as a highway paving project, we’re putting in the work as if we were. Whether it’s mass grading, building reinforced concrete boxes, installing culverts, or constructing side roads; the job is managed efficiently to make sure it’s primed and ready to go for the next phase of construction.

Efficiency Through Technology
MJE continues to develop methods and employ cutting-edge techniques that provide greater value to clients and keep projects running smoothly. While we’ve used 3D modeling and AutoCAD designs for years, we’re taking civil projects to new heights through drones and aerial assistance.

Using Propeller software, our trained experts take the knowledge honed on large scale construction projects and pilot drones above worksites and projects to monitor and measure progress and on-site resources. The drones fly precision routes above areas which are either too difficult to navigate on foot or potentially too dangerous such as quarries or landfills. The resulting graphics and renderings give clear and actionable data to keep projects accountable and plan for future construction.

Further on-the-ground surveying by our team can be relayed instantly to municipal engineers who might be hours away, giving them the information they need to assess a project’s status. Our partners have discovered that our proposed changes to plans can save costly time and resources. Our clients know a MJE job doesn’t cut corners, just complications.

Put MJE’s resources and experiences to work on big or small civil projects.
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