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Liner Installation 101

Many earthwork projects require clay liner installation to prevent waste seepage underneath lagoons and landfills. Closing landfills also involves installing a liner over the top to seal in the waste. This process protects the groundwater and soil below landfills and lagoons from contamination.

Preparing the Ground

The first step in clay liner installation is site preparation. Clay is typically found beneath the topsoil, and as the excavation process begins, our scrapers move the clay to a stockpile on the job site. Next, heavy equipment operators over-excavate the earth to the correct subgrade. Finally, the clay from the stockpile is used to construct the liner. 

Clay is both effective for waste management and cost-effective. If clay is unavailable in the area, MJE can also prepare a site for plastic liner installation. Our operators prepare the site to subgrade and dig the anchor trench. We have years of relationships with plastic liner sub-contractors who will install the plastic liner itself, then MJE will finish the lagoon or landfill. 

Testing The Clay

State Departments of Health and Environment must appropriately permit waste sites. Permits are obtained by working hand-in-hand with a 3rd party testing company to complete nuclear density testing to measure compaction. The clay used as a liner must meet compaction and moisture requirements as identified by the civil engineer. Testing takes place before and after the liner is installed to meet permit requirements.

Liner Installation

MJE uses our 627 scrapers to haul clay from the stockpile to the area for installation. The clay is placed on the prepared subgrade in 6″ lifts using scrapers, a tractor and disc, a compactor, and a water truck. Once the clay is laid in place, operators use our C76 vibrating compactor to compact the soil. The process repeats until the desired liner thickness has been reached. MJE typically installs liners between 12″-24″ depending on the project requirements.

Client Satisfaction

Liner installation is a necessary component of any waste disposal site. MJE has nearly 50 years of experience in excavation and earthwork. Throughout the years, clients return to MJE again and again as their operations grow and expand.

…it is important to have someone on your team that you can trust. That is especially important on solid waste landfill projects that must be approved before opening by the TCEQ. … I would recommend serious consideration of MJE for your large scale civil projects.

– Robert (Holly) Holder, Director of Envinronmental|Principal, Parkhill, Smith, & Cooper

If you’re ready to consider closing or adding a landfill or lagoon, call the experts at MJE, LLC to start the design process today. (800)536-2364.

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