Long-term employee Abe Sanchez pictured with CEO Aaron Jantz


From Loyalty to Expertise: MJE’s Long-Term Employees are Our Greatest Asset

MJE believes that long-term employees are our greatest asset. Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals has been vital to our success over the years. From deep knowledge and expertise to loyalty, trust, and commitment, our long-term employees bring a range of valuable skills and qualities to the table that benefits not only our company but also our customers. 

Let’s explore how our long-term employees provide value to MJE and why that translates into major customer benefits. 

Deep Knowledge, Expertise, and Problem-Solving Skills

With experience comes knowledge, and our long-term employees are no exception. Each of these men can be considered a master of their craft. You don’t get a nickname like “Digger” for nothin’. Long-term employees can solve problems efficiently on the job site without delaying construction. MJE also experiences a reduction in training costs, as long-term employees can share their skills with more junior employees on a project site and understand required safety standards. 

Loyalty, Trust, Commitment

Long-term employees are leaders on and off the job site. Consistently showing up and completing the hard work is par for the course. Owners, stakeholders, and project managers can count on them to provide leadership that leads to success from start to finish. In addition, motivated employees offer excellent customer service and reliability on the job. 

Positive Company Culture 

Satisfied employees stick to jobs they love with companies that reinforce positive company culture. Job security, career growth & advancement opportunities, great benefits, and steady work reduce stress for our crews. In addition, increased job satisfaction often leads to serving as mentors to other employees with less experience. 

Consistent, Personalized Service

More than half of the business that MJE does is for repeat customers through construction expansions, repairs, and maintenance. Long-term employees have often worked on these job sites and know their way around. They’ve honed their skill sets and understand how to improve the construction experience for every customer continuously. 

MJE and MJE Livestock Equipment spent Friday, February 17, 2023, at the United Wireless Arena Conference Center celebrating a fantastic 2022. Each year, the company provides a delicious chicken fried steak dinner. We encourage all employees to bring their families to celebrate another successful year of construction and manufacturing of the world’s finest facilities and equipment for the cattle industry.

2022 Recipients of the 25 Years of Service Award

Special Recognition – 25 Years of Service

This year, five employees were selected for special recognition, as each of these employees has worked with MJE for 25 years. They join the ranks of three employees who celebrated this special occasion last year:

  • Isaías Palacios, 
  • Remedios Ruvalcaba, and 
  • Juan Sanchez. 

The dedicated employees receiving this distinction for 2022 were: 

  • Greg “Digger” Downing,
  • Frank Martens, 
  • David Neufeld, 
  • Abe Sanchez, and
  • Refugio “Cuco” Trejo.

MJE, LLC, and MJE Livestock Equipment employ nearly 200 people company-wide. With just these eight individuals, MJE offers 200 years of construction experience! 


If you’re looking for a construction company that prioritizes experience, expertise, and positive company culture, look to MJE to design and construct your next ag construction project. Long-term employees are the backbone of our company and the reason we provide consistent, personalized service on every build for our customers year after year. 

Contact us today, and let us put that experience to work for you! 

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