Hayden Borth: Bridging Community Roots with Construction Innovation at MJE

A Familiar Face Returns Home

We are delighted to welcome Hayden Borth as the new Project Manager at MJE, LLC. A native of southwest Kansas, Hayden’s roots are deeply embedded between Meade and Plains, where he first cultivated his appreciation for the hardworking rural lifestyle on his family farm. His return to this community marks a significant chapter in his career and personal life, rekindling connections with the land and people he knows so well.

Educational & Professional Foundations

Hayden’s academic journey took him to Kansas State University, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s in Construction Science and Management. This educational foundation paved the way for a successful stint in Wichita, managing major construction projects and having a pivotal role at the new water treatment plant. His oversight of the Solid Contact Clarifier Scope of Work underscores his ability to handle complex and large-scale projects, a skill he brings with enthusiasm to MJE, LLC.

Joining MJE, LLC: A Decision Close to Heart 

Hayden’s decision to join MJE, LLC, was spurred by his desire to align his professional path with his personal life. With his wife Lindsey from the nearby town of Cimarron and their two children, Sadie and Miller, the move to MJE was a step towards nurturing his family in the familiar surroundings of his upbringing. His prior familiarity with MJE, combined with a career opportunity that arose a few months ago, made the transition seamless and promising.

First Impressions & Integration into MJE

From his very first day, Hayden has been welcomed into the MJE family with warmth and camaraderie. Working closely with other project managers, Hayden has quickly become a part of the team, absorbing their collective experiences and contributing his own unique insights. 

Hayden’s unique blend of upbringing on a farm and ranch, academic achievements, and professional experience in construction, equips him with a rare and highly valuable dual perspective. This background empowers him to design facilities that are not only efficient but also deeply understanding of the practical realities of agricultural life. 

His problem-solving strategy, emphasizing clear communication and meticulous planning, instills confidence in his ability to manage our extensive project sites spread across vast distances.

Goals and Aspirations at MJE  

Hayden’s new role at MJE is driven by two primary objectives: strengthening client relationships and developing strong bonds with field crews. He is committed to understanding our clients’ needs and the evolving landscape of cattle and civil construction. Equally important is his aim to build strong relationships with field crews and supervisors, fostering a team environment that is crucial for project success.

A Promising Future Ahead

Hayden Borth’s addition to the MJE, LLC team couldn’t have come at a better time for MJE. As our list of projects and capabilities grow, his contributions will be invaluable. His unique blend of local insight, professional expertise, and genuine dedication to excellence promises a future filled with innovation and success. We eagerly anticipate the positive impact he will bring to our projects and are inspired by the continued growth and achievements of our team. 
Join us in welcoming Hayden and celebrating the bright future ahead! To learn more about careers with MJE, visit www.mjellc.net/careers.

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