MJE, LLC Is In It’s Golden Era

Montezuma, Kansas—MJE, LLC, a leader in the ag industry, is proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Founded in 1974 as Max Jantz Excavating, MJE has grown from a local excavation company to a full-service ag construction company to a national powerhouse, marking a half-century of unparalleled service, innovation, and community involvement.

A Legacy of Commitment and Innovation

At MJE, the prevailing spirit is “I can do that.” This attitude permeates throughout the company, inspiring a workforce that is eager to embrace challenges rather than shy away from them. “Let’s try! I know we can figure this out,” echoes in the halls and fields where MJE operates, whether confronting new technologies or pioneering advanced methods in their industry. Unlike others who may fear the rise of big corporations or rapid technological shifts, MJE sees them as chances to learn and avenues to propel an old business into new realms of possibility.

This ethos of fearless innovation and a deep-rooted belief in their community’s potential drives MJE, LLC forward, making it a standout example of what it means to grow a business without losing sight of where you come from.

50th Anniversary Party Highlights

This landmark anniversary was celebrated on March 23, 2024, at B-29 Doc’s Hangar, where employees, business partners, and community leaders gathered to honor the past and look forward to the future. Highlights included a heartfelt speech from founder Max Jantz, music from the acclaimed Cory Farley Band, and time for reflecting on MJE’s commitment to both tradition and forward-thinking. CEO Heather Jantz said, “This celebration is not just about commemorating what we have achieved, but also about looking forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead.”

Max Jantz gives a speech at the 50th Anniversary Party.

Senator Moran’s Insightful Visit

In a show of support, Senator Moran visited MJE Livestock Equipment in April, touring their state-of-the-art facilities, discussing key issues impacting rural workforces, and exploring ways to enhance industry manufacturing standards. “Senator Moran’s visit underscores the importance of our work and its impact on the national stage,” noted Chief Operating Officer Heather Jantz.

Senator Jerry Moran & Heather Jantz

Strategic Expansion with Five New Dealers

The first quarter of the year saw the addition of five new dealers to MJE Livestock Equipment’s network, expanding our reach and reinforcing our presence in critical markets. With dealers in 19 states, this strategic expansion helps to ensure that MJE Livestock Equipment is more accessible to customers nationwide.

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Blue Sky Dairy

On April 26, MJE, LLC proudly participated as the lead contractor in the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Blue Sky Dairy in Edwards County, Kansas. The event, attended by Senator Marshall, Ron Estes, and other high-profile Kansans, marks a significant milestone in local development. “Being part of this project is a privilege and represents our commitment to contributing positively to our communities,” said CEO Aaron Jantz.

Harry DeWitt, Blue Sky Dairy

Celebrating The Team: 250 Employees Strong

MJE, LLC has reached a significant milestone of 250 employees, a testament to our growth and the increasing demand for our products. “Each employee plays a vital role in our success, and reaching this number is a huge achievement for us,” commented Shannon Coleman, Director of Human Resources. The local impact is significant when headquartered in a community of only 800 residents. 

Championing Diversity and Leadership in Construction

In an industry often dominated by male leadership, MJE, LLC stands out not only for its expertise but also for its commitment to diversity and inclusion. Led by Heather Jantz, MJE proudly features women in key roles across various departments, including estimation, finance, management and operations, human resources, and public relations and marketing. This diverse leadership structure enriches our company with varied perspectives and expertise, strengthening our operations and strategic initiatives.

At MJE, LLC, diversity and inclusivity are not just ideals but everyday realities. The foreman and on-site supervisor team reflects a rich tapestry of backgrounds, including many supervisors of Latin descent who bring years of experience and unique perspectives to the day-to-day operations. In addition, many of the staff are bilingual, speaking a mix of English, Spanish and German, which enhances the team’s communication and cohesion and allows them to better serve a diverse client base.

MJE is proud of its “sink or swim” philosophy, which asserts that success and advancement are based on performance and dedication, not formal education. This approach has allowed them to recognize and elevate talented individuals who excel in their roles, ensuring that leadership reflects true merit and capability.

Reflecting on Five Years of Substantial Growth

The past five years have been a period of explosive growth for MJE, LLC, with significant increases in both revenue and market presence. Our strategic decisions and relentless pursuit of excellence have been central to this success.

Key statistics from the MJE projects include:

  • Completion of over 200 contracted projects, averaging 20 projects per year.
  • Expansion and upgrade of feedyards to accommodate over 260,000 head of beef cattle.
  • Extensive construction achievements, including over 1.5 million square feet of concrete placement and over 7 million cubic yards of dirt moved in various projects.

Furthermore, MJE Livestock Equipment has expanded its reach, boasting dealers in over 19 states, significantly enhancing our service capabilities and market penetration.

Looking Ahead: The Next Five Years

Looking to the future, MJE, LLC is poised to continue its growth trajectory. It plans to expand further into civil and environmental construction, innovate product lines, and enhance the customer and dealer experience. “Our vision for the next five years is not only to grow as a company but also to continue making a positive impact in the ag industry as a whole,” states Heather Jantz.

Under the leadership of siblings Aaron Jantz and Heather Jantz, MJE has flourished. Heather serves in various leadership roles across Kansas, including as a Kansas Contractors Association Board member and the Kansas Chamber of Commerce Board member. She was also a member of the 2022 Leadership Kansas class, where she forged strong bonds and relationships with business leaders across the state. Her vision ensures MJE remains at the forefront of the industry while fostering a strong community connection. 


As MJE, LLC celebrates this significant milestone, it continues to look ahead and find ways to incorporate innovation, technology, and a love of rural life into the company and the communities in which it lives and serves. 

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