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MJE Scholarships Give Students Opportunities

MJE believes in the power of education. At our core, we believe that western Kansas is a great place to live and work. It may be a rural area, but there is no shortage of opportunity. It is not uncommon for MJE to be hiring for over 20 positions at any given time, and with our continued expansion, we may have difficulty reaching our projected growth without helping increase the pool of candidates. 

Population trends show that kids often choose to move away from the area upon graduating high school, but we hope to partner with schools, families and other community businesses to show that there will be jobs for them upon completion of their studies.

Recently, MJE has debuted a scholarship program for area students interested in pursuing training for positions of continual need, including welders, diesel mechanics, and students interested in industrial technology. Developed by our HR director, Shannon Coleman, this program will relieve students of some of the financial burden of going to school while allowing the students to focus on building the skills they need to become a valuable member of the MJE workforce. 

Applying for Success

The process to apply is simple: applicants should write a brief essay about goals for the future, provide a few details about themselves and their background, and include a few defining qualities they possess that would make them a worthy recipient of this scholarship. Email a copy of a resume (include GPA and composite ACT score), and then share with MJE a few details about the program of study they’ve chosen. Include the length of time it would take to complete, tuition costs, and estimated costs for the tools needed to complete the program.

MJE Scholarship recipients will be awarded a significant portion of the costs of tuition for the first year of the program, and an internship for the summer months (mid-May through mid-August) while earning a fair hourly wage. For the second year of the program, MJE will again cover a significant portion of the tuition costs and offer a tool allowance as needed. All scholarship money will be paid directly to the college or program of choice. 

Giving Students a Boost

Upon completion of the program, the scholarship recipient will work for MJE, LLC for a minimum of 24 months, with a fair and negotiable hourly wage as well as receive a full benefits package that includes health insurance, retirement and paid time off. If a student is unable to complete the full term of employment, all money must be refunded to MJE.

MJE hopes to give students the boost they need to become educated in the skills they need to build a career.

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