MJE Welcomes Summer Intern

At MJE, relationships matter. Our employees form a tight network of colleagues, friends, and sometimes, even relatives. This summer, we are excited to have longtime MJE summer employee Marco Neufeld return as an Intern to learn the ins and outs of Construction Management.

Marco is a 2018 graduate of South Gray High School, where he was also a hardworking student-athlete. Finishing with a winning football record and a State Title in Basketball, Marco was proud to be a ‘Running Rebel’ during the school year. Each summer since his Freshman year of high school, Marco has worked for MJE alongside his father, longtime MJE sub-contractor David Neufeld.

“It started with me just tagging along with my dad and led to Aaron [Jantz] and Justin [Hendrickson] letting me know that I just needed to fill out a little paperwork to become an official MJE employee.”

-Marco Neufeld

Over the last six years, Marco has been able to work pouring yards of concrete for feed bunks, truck apron, and water pads, as well as tying rebar. He’s operated most of the heavy equipment, including all the pavers, and also spent time working in the MJE LE shop as a fabricator during a stint at Garden City Community College. In addition to his impressive skill set, Marco is fluent in German and speaks conversational Spanish as well. 

This summer, Marco continues his work for MJE but in a different role – he’s now an official Intern. Throughout the summer, Marco has been shadowing all our Project Managers and CEO Aaron Jantz to learn what it takes to oversee crews spread across a 500-mile radius. He’s also spending time using his AutoCAD skills to design new feedyards and dairies with draftsman Ryan Asbridge. He said all Construction Science majors at Pitt State need internship experience, and the process was simple to coordinate between MJE and Pitt State. In regard to his experience so far, Marco stated, “I’m really spending time taking in everything I can this summer. I’m learning so much about so many different things.” 

Marco is now a senior at Pittsburg State working toward a degree in Construction Science Management with an emphasis in Company Management and a minor in Business Administration. He hopes to one day move into the role of Project Manager, perhaps even at MJE.

“It’s been eye-opening to see how many different aspects there are to overseeing so many crews. When you’re working on a single crew, you concentrate on just getting the jobs done on that site for that day. However, as a Project Manager, you’re thinking about ALL the jobs and keeping all the details straight.” 

Marco N.

Marco’s enthusiasm, positive attitude, and willingness to learn all he can about the construction progress is a breath of fresh air around the office, and the MJE crew is thrilled to have him as part of our team.

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