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Modern Dairy Design

MJE has been designing, building, constructing, and expanding Dairies throughout the Midwest for over thirty years. In those 30 years, we’ve built dairies as small as 2,500 cows and as large as 40,000 cows. Nearly year-round, our crews are busy doing small expansions for more milk pens and heifer/calf pens as needed by dairy owners, as well as building new dairies. In addition, we’ve partnered with dairymen and women to build and expand facilities such as the Deer Creek Calf Feeding Facility, Blue Sky Farms, and many other major operations in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas Panhandle regions. 


There are several important considerations to factor in when selecting a site to build a dairy. The ground needs to be near a sustainable feed source, within close proximity to a production plant, and the ground must fall under regulatory requirements. It’s also important to factor in good access for trucks and to have a steady power supply. With our experience, MJE Project managers have years of experience. They are ready to assist our clients in ensuring the build site is ready for action quickly, and our work phased work timelines accommodate production as soon as possible.


Dairy operations have many components, and MJE stands ready to tackle the heavy lifting. Specializing in Mass Excavation since 1974, MJE has over 300+ pieces of equipment on hand to prepare the area for a build quickly and efficiently. Another significant component for a dairy is mass concrete paving, and MJE uses custom techniques to complete specialty wall projects within commodity barns and pits. Additional capabilities also include plumbing, fence construction, building erection, and milking parlor construction. 


Dairy owners rely on the experience of MJE to build facilities that will work efficiently for years to come. Collaboration between dairy owners, engineers, and MJE is the crucial focus for a successful dairy project. Efficiency is vital throughout the construction phases but equally as essential for operation. We use our vast experience to design a layout that capitalizes efficiency for the dairy operator for years to come. Each project manager also keeps efficiency at the forefront of every job by working closely with job crews, owners, engineers, and dairy managers to keep things moving toward operational use as quickly as possible while ensuring the build is done right. 

MJE takes pride in ensuring our work is completed to the highest standards to protect our client’s investments.

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