Municipal Contractor Services


Municipal Contractor Services | An Overview

Municipalities, city councils, and city administrators have extensive lists of responsibilities. In addition to large-scale Ag Construction, MJE also has the experience to provide municipal contractor services and manage construction services for municipalities. With a range of contracting services for communities of all sizes, we offer the industry know-how, equipment, and workforce to complete your next big project.

What We Do – Municipal Contractor Services

The services we offer to communities within a 500-mile radius are diverse. Concrete paving, earthwork, erosion control, and stormwater utility installation are some of the many services MJE provides to communities and municipalities.

“They are a company with a proven track record that provides quality work with integrity, as an industry leader in Southwest Kansas. For a variety of different projects within Dodge City, MJE completed work on time, on budget, and with exemplary work standards.

Nickolaus J. Hernandez, City Manager, City of Dodge City

Examples of specialties MJE can provide to your municipality –

Concrete & Paving Services – Many different major municipal construction projects include the need for concrete paving. From 2016-to 2020 alone, MJE installed 13,000,000 square feet of concrete paving.

Earthwork & Erosion Control – Excavation and soil erosion control often go hand-in-hand. MJE incorporates soil stabilization techniques and superior grading to protect your investment.

Lagoon, Evap Pond & Wastewater Development – Our most proven skill includes mass grading and water flow expertise in agricultural and municipal settings.

Landfill Development and Closings – Understanding environmental regulations and effective waste management techniques are critical components of this type of project.

Soil Stabilization – An imperative component of a solid road base or pad for building construction includes soil stabilization.

  • Sediment Removal
  • Stormwater Utilities
  • Airport Runway Construction, Redevelopment, and Improvements
  • Highway, Overpass, and Culvert Work
  • Golf Course Development
  • Parking Lot Development & Expansion
  • Construction Site Demolition & Preparation

How MJE Provides Municipal Contractor Services

City managers and councils typically don’t have the capacity or equipment to add a major construction project to their docket. MJE integrates manpower and machine power to tackle the biggest construction projects.

Our fleet includes more than 400 different pieces of heavy equipment. In addition, an extensive line-up of concrete paving machines with custom molds for every imaginable project comes standard when you hire MJE.

Project management and quality job site supervision are included with every bid so your leaders can concentrate on their current work. Our staff has over 70 concrete laborers with years of experience. On-site job supervisors can troubleshoot as challenges arise. Project managers effectively communicate updates and keep construction schedules on track.

Government-funded projects must stay on budget. Qualified estimators bid projects according to plan specs and eliminate surprise costs.

Why Choosing MJE for Municipal Contractor Services is a Smart Choice

In business for nearly 50 years, MJE has the experience and industry relationships to bring big construction projects to life.

Our vendor network makes the difference. Reputable partners can make or break schedules in construction, so MJE cultivates solid relationships with vendors across the Midwest. Even in uncertain times, our clients rely on our network of trusted sub-contractors and suppliers to ensure projects move forward without delay.

High-Tech capabilities increase efficiency. MJE invests in technology software that maximizes the efficacy of our machines & staff. From drone surveys to GPS-powered equipment, MJE puts good data to work, often saving time AND money for our clients.

Relationships matter. Engineers, environmental agencies, and government entities often oversee municipal projects. MJE works hand-in-hand with any necessary partners to ensure the work is up to code and completed to exact specifications.


MJE isn’t just an Ag Construction company – we also specialize in civil and municipal construction. To complete your next big municipal project, you can lean on our experience, relationships, and equipment.

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