Paving the Way for Success

How can MJE’s expertise and experience in dairy concrete and paving translate to better facilities for our clients? Our process includes specialized equipment, skilled laborers, and years of practice. As a result, MJE bids are more accurate, and our end products last. In addition, MJE concrete methods lead to financial savings for our clients.

Molds, Machines, and Manpower

Five paving machines, multiple concrete molds, and over 70 highly-skilled concrete laborers are ready for dairy paving projects. To streamline our construction process, MJE can pour feed lanes, roads, and sand lanes simultaneously, side-by-side, so that the next phase is ready at the right time. MJE paves many vital parts of dairies, including:  

  • Sand lanes,
  • Back lanes,
  • Feed lanes,
  • Cow lanes,
  • Digesters,
  • Roads, 
  • Barns,
  • Parking lots, and more. 

MJE heavy equipment operators and concrete laborers are skilled and experienced. From 2016-2020, our team installed 13,000,000 square feet of paving and flatwork in dairies across the country. We’ve also spent years cultivating relationships with concrete finishers who can incorporate specialized techniques for different applications. As a result, our team is extensive, and we’re able to pour and prep simultaneously. Decreasing the number of days spent on a job site saves our clients money.

Cattle Comfort

You take the health & safety of your cattle seriously. Therefore, we use a few specialized concrete finishing techniques: a smooth texture feed lane and a rough surface back lane for traction as cattle move through the facility. The smooth texture of the feed curb also allows for easier clean-up.

Cattle of different sizes need to reach the food easily in feeding lanes, so we have concrete molds we can set to varying heights, so the curb sits at precisely the correct elevation for the size of your cattle. 

Strength and Precision

No one wants to replace broken concrete or pay for unnecessary labor. Accurate and level dirt work prepares the ground for a solid pour. MJE recommends using less than 6”-12” thick concrete, and every project includes #4 rebar for added strength. Our machines and molds are fully customizable, and we pour anything from 6’ wide to 35’ wide.

As long as we have concrete trucks, we can pave lengths previously unimaginable. Our current record concrete pour is 6” thick, 35’ wide, and nearly1800 feet long. Solid pours eliminate cold joints, thus increasing the life of the concrete. 


We construct the best products and facilities for our clients. Our winning formula combines man and machine power to do the big jobs efficiently and safely with designs that prioritize cattle comfort and safety. MJE stands behind our work 100%, and we think you will, too.

Contact MJE today to start planning your next move – ContactUs@mjellc.net (800)536-2634.

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