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Quality Assurance | Adding Value to Your Investment

How can you tell if the company hired to construct your big project cares about the quality of their work? Signs of a company that takes quality assurance are everywhere – if you know where to look. So first, let’s take a look at some of the more apparent signs of Quality Assurance, and then we’ll offer up a few more subtle signs of quality assurance for your projects. MJE’s commitment to ensuring a long-lasting, quality facility, design, or product can mean money in your pocket down the road.

Prime Examples of a Quality Assurance Protocol

Questions are welcome. One way to quickly identify a company that cares about quality is to ask them why they recommend something in particular or how they plan to accomplish their proposed plan. A company that designs with intention provides proactive quality assurance. There is a reason why they have chosen a particular material or placed feed lanes in a specific direction, and MJE designers, estimators, and project managers will spend the time to talk through each component of a project to help clients understand the ‘why’ behind every idea.

Audits at every phase. Projects completed on schedule and on budget should never skimp on quality. MJE provides quality assurance throughout a project by implementing checkpoints along the way. In addition, our collaborative construction approach allows each job to be examined from multiple angles.

A high-quality construction process isn’t linear…it’s cyclical. Drone surveys provide a birds-eye view and data points that analyze elevations before drafting a design. Designs are thoughtfully prepared using industry best practices from years of experience and incorporate unique project specifications. Estimators generate project bids that leave little to chance, and every estimation is peer-reviewed before the presentation. Project managers identify potential roadblocks and provide real-time solutions to keep moving forward. Throughout the construction, equipment data is reviewed, and construction adjustments are made right away, avoiding delays and change orders whenever possible.

Quality Assurance Process

Subtle Signs of Quality Assurance

Referrals, Testimonials, and Repeat Customers. When your operation is successful, MJE is successful. As a turn-key developer of dairies, feedyards, and other major construction projects, we own our work from start to finish. Quality Assurance means you can focus on the business at hand, not the day-to-day of your construction project.

“I can state, without reservation, as our needs arise, my first call will be to MJE. They stand behind their work and, more importantly, they stand behind their word.”

– Greg Gardiner, Gardiner Angus Ranch

A Culture of Safety. Staying on schedule and on budget doesn’t mean a rush job. Employees on the job site want to safely and effectively construct projects without injury. Therefore, ongoing safety training is the norm, and all necessary personal protective gear is provided to all workers.

Agreed Measures of Success.

Projects constructed for the long haul are our specialty. Upon project completion, owners, managers, stakeholders, and anyone using our facilities will begin to see the MJE difference. They notice that cattle flow is efficient, processing takes less time, and may even need fewer folks working the same number of cattle. Concrete, fencing, roads, and buildings last for years.

“Their execution of the grade plan and pen layout is simply amazing. Every single fence post is placed with perfection and fences are as straight as an arrow. They simply don’t cut corners on the type of materials they use or in the construction process. MJE facilities are built to last.”

– Brandon Depenbusch, ILS


When you’re talking big projects, your business needs to spend wisely—choosing a company with the experience, equipment, and a culture of excellence. MJE uses the slogan ‘ALL IN!’ to describe our approach to everything we do. We don’t cut corners or do things part way – and our clients don’t either.

Choose a construction company that has your back and has proof of quality assurance in everything they do.

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