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You wouldn’t ask your Veterinarian to run your accounting department. I’m sure many vets have taken a finance course or two, but their primary focus is on animals. Likewise, when you’re building a new facility or expanding an existing business, MJE manages your project from start to finish so you can focus on keeping your operation moving.


Data drives every decision we make. We study the land extensively before we ever bring a rig to a job site. 

  • Soil analysis 
  • Extensive survey data
  • Over 45 Years of experience

This analysis allows our project managers to craft a schedule that won’t require our laborers to move dirt back and forth needlessly. We study the soil composition to see where clay is needed before we bid on a project, so our estimates are accurate from the start. Every job is scrutinized from multiple angles to draft bids and work schedules that won’t be full of surprises down the road. 


Dealing with unhappy neighbors or government agencies who believe your operation may have polluted a nearby water source should never be on your list of things to do. MJE designs feedyards and dairies that always keep environmental standards and ecological best practices top of mind. 

You don’t want your cattle standing in water. Properly designed pens allow for maximum drainage. Our monolithic concrete bunk comes with a solid pad for cattle to stand on when eating. Wear and tear on feed trucks is minimized with our one-of-a-kind concrete truck apron. 

We use soil analysis data to build lagoons that filter waste appropriately so groundwater is never tainted. We also offer waste-water recycling systems as another component of a conscientious design.


Your experience makes your operation successful, and MJE is no different. Our highly qualified project managers have over 117 years of combined experience building the world’s largest feedyards and dairies, as well as many other civil and environmental projects. 

We’re in the dirt business year-round and have been for nearly 50 years. In the last five years alone, we’ve:

  • Excavated 22M cubic yards of dirt
  • Installed 1.2M cubic yards of clay liner, and 
  • Designed and constructed 252k linear feet of bunk/apron.


Your time and money are valuable. MJE will take a piece of ground and turn it into a facility built to last a lifetime. On-time and on budget. We spend hours planning, designing, and constructing projects for clients while utilizing and protecting the landscape. 

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