50 Years of Building Excellence: MJE’s Journey into 2024

A Golden Milestone

As 2024 unfolds, MJE, LLC stands tall, celebrating 50 years of exceptional craftsmanship in agricultural construction. Founded in 1974 by the visionary Max Jantz with just one scraper, MJE has evolved into a dynamic enterprise under the leadership of Max’s children, Aaron Jantz and Heather Jantz. This incredible journey from a one-man operation to a thriving business employing over 240 people is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

Turnkey Projects: Our Bread and Butter

At the core of MJE’s success are our turnkey ag construction projects. Our unique ability to handle every aspect of feedyard and dairy construction in-house sets us apart in the industry. From designing to building, we manage everything, ensuring our clients benefit from our comprehensive expertise and cohesive project execution. This all-encompassing approach guarantees efficiency, timeliness, and superior quality, making MJE a trusted name in the field.

Innovative Practices

Innovation at MJE is not just about using the latest technology; it’s about enhancing safety, efficiency, and the return on investment for our clients. Our construction methods maximize efficiency and safety for both cattle and handlers. Our phased construction approach allows for sections of the project to be operational early, delivering a faster ROI. Furthermore, our rigorous estimation process ensures our clients receive a transparent and accurate ‘hard bid,’ offering peace of mind and budget certainty.

Expanding Horizons

In 2017, MJE took a significant leap by launching MJE Livestock Equipment. Bringing a  profound understanding of the cattle industry to design robust, cattle-friendly equipment, MJE Livestock equipment took the equipment industry by storm. 

Heather Jantz and Aaron Jantz

Our rancher line, featuring signature Steel Blue paint, has not only met the demands of cattlemen and women but has also set a new standard in livestock handling equipment. In 2020, we launched the patented Calf Hutch Latch, winning a Top 10 Ag Product of the Year by the World Ag organization. 2022 saw the launch of The Conquistador Wheel Corral, a revolutionary take on a portable corral. This addition to our portfolio reflects our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the agricultural community.

Community at Heart

MJE’s roots are deeply embedded in the community of Western Kansas. Our commitment extends beyond construction; it’s about enriching the community we call home. We actively hire locally, supporting the regional economy and providing opportunities for the youth. Our leadership team, comprising Western Kansas natives, actively participates in local governance and community services, underlining our dedication to the region’s prosperity.

Celebrating Our Legacy

As we commemorate our 50th anniversary, we invite you to join us in a year-long celebration. We plan to share stories and insights from past projects, reflecting on the lessons learned and achievements. We will also offer glimpses into our future projects and innovations, showcasing our commitment to continued excellence in agricultural construction.

Vision for the Future

MJE is dedicated to continuing our tradition of excellence in construction, livestock equipment manufacturing, and customer service. Our goal is to deliver state-of-the-art construction solutions and top-quality livestock equipment while contributing to creating sustainable agricultural environments. We are committed to building structures and a legacy that resonates with excellence, quality, and integrity.

Sloan, Hudson, and Miller Jantz pet their mini Donkey, Burrito.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we celebrate our past and embrace a future filled with new opportunities, innovations, and continued community and industry leadership growth.

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