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Riverbend Feedyard - NextGen Cattle Co.

Riverbend Feedyard, located between Hugoton and Ulysses Kansas is located on the plains of Southwest Kansas. This feedyard is unique in many ways and has recently expanded to include cattle specifically raised to provide Wagyu beef. The progressive NextGen Cattle Company is a leader in the cattle industry and prioritizes animal care by utilizing the latest research and feed-lot best practices.


Near Hugoton, Kansas


Riverbend Feedyard is part of the NextGen Cattle Company, a progressive and forward-thinking beef industry leader. COO of NextGen Riverbend, Mark Sebranek approached MJE to complete a 21,000 head expansion that would incorporate the latest advancements in livestock handling and cattle flow. As with many excavation projects MJE has done, gas lines were an issue in the beginning, but with many years of experience, MJE knew how to keep the project moving ahead with few delays.


Collaboration came easy to the Riverbend and MJE teams – with a shared vision and good communication throughout. In order to make processing cattle easier for both the cattle and the cowboys, MJE installed a new concrete Bud Tub. With a 360˚ circular design that is a cross between a traditional tub & snake alley and a Bud Box, this state-of-the-art design combines the best of both worlds. The tub is also painted all white to avoid shadows, increase light reflection, and can easily be power washed. Throughout the length of the tub are ‘No-Back’ guards, ensuring the cattle continue to move in a forward direction that makes processing easier.

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The Bud Tub wasn’t the only unique feature of the Riverbend expansion project. In order to allow the cattle to graze the irrigated circles on the property, gap pens were added to easily capture and move cattle from one area to another. The winning combination of ingenuity and design makes this project a showpiece for both MJE and NextGen Cattle Co, where our priorities are always happy, healthy cows, and safe, effective cattle handling.

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