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Top 5 Reasons You Need Complete Contractor

Deciding to hire a complete contractor for large-scale construction should be a no-brainer. Business owners already have ‘to-do lists’ a mile long. MJE breaks down the Top Five Reasons to hire MJE as your complete contractor to decrease your headaches and increase your profitability.

Reason # 1 – Hidden Savings with Complete Contractors

The upfront cost of hiring a complete contractor might make you think that it’s simply cheaper to complete the work yourself, but you’d be surprised at the many ways hiring a pro can save you money. For instance, as someone who works in construction year-round, MJE can often take advantage of bulk purchasing discounts.

Another way we save clients money is by fine-tuning our work to maximize earthwork efficiency. Another advantage to hiring MJE is that you won’t need to pay extra labor costs to your existing staff or hire an outside construction manager who isn’t driven by deadlines or can oversee the project.

Reason #2 – Complete Contractors Have Insider Access

MJE has been building feedyards, dairies, lagoons, and other civil projects for 48 years. In that time, we’ve built solid relationships with vendors across the midwest and can get the components we need for your project in a hurry. Our sub-contractors value our partnership and prioritize the work we complete together.

Another reason to hire a complete contractor is that we have the industry know-how to ensure all permits and contracts are completed accurately. In addition, our understanding of environmental regulations and the relationships with have with government permitting offices are priceless.

MJE has the machine power to get the job done. With over 350 pieces of equipment and at least 35 scrapers, our team has what is needed to produce quality construction efficiently.

“I have always found MJE to be very knowledgable of construction best management practices, and they are a company that I have learned can be trusted. MJE knows and understands the importance of keeping everyone informed of problems or issues and quickly brings solutions to the table to resolve problems that arise on a construction site.” 

Robert H. (Holly) Holder, PE, Director of Environmental, Parkhill & Associates

Reason #3 – Complete Contractors Come with Specialized Skills

Even if your existing staff has experience operating heavy machinery or has completed a construction project in the past, the combined skill set of the MJE staff is unmatched. State-of-the-art surveys conducted with the latest drone technology give our designers the information needed to make designs perfect for your job site.

MJE project managers create schedules that maximize equipment efficiency and reduce labor hours. PMs are also great at communicating between vendors, job supervisors, and clients. Site supervisors with years of experience can troubleshoot on the spot without delaying progress. Heavy equipment operators use advanced technology on their equipment and years of experience in the field moving dirt to move a lot of dirt in a hurry.

Reason #4 – Complete Contractors Understand Time is Valuable

Likely, your staff is already working full-time with a list of responsibilities a mile long. Adding construction and construction management to their existing duties can prolong the amount of time needed to complete a project. Increasing the duties of your staff can mean other work gets overlooked or rushed and not done up to par.

MJE has the staff in place to finish projects on tight timelines. Heavy equipment operators run machines in tandem to move dirt quickly. Construction is scheduled to allow the use of completed portions as soon as possible to capitalize on your investment right away.

Reason #5 – Complete Contractors Reduce Stress

The final reason to hire a complete contractor is to reduce your stress. Construction liability is one of the many ways that MJE reduces stress for our clients. Pre-construction staging and site clean-up remain on the shoulders of a complete contractor like MJE.

Allowing a complete contractor to build your project will enable you to concentrate on your existing workload. Construction Project insurance can be a hassle, especially if using sub-contractors. MJE assumes liability insurance and ensures any sub-contractors on the job site have adequate project insurance. Construction site safety is a top priority for complete contractors. MJE understands OSHA regulations and holds policies to insure all MJE employees working on site.


You can trust MJE to complete major construction projects as efficiently and economically as possible. We have decades of experience and spend countless hours increasing job efficiencies for our clients. While the upfront costs of hiring the construction done might be high, it will pay dividends down the road to have the work done right by experts in the field.

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