Empowering Montezuma: Celebrating New Housing Development

In an inspiring display of community leadership and collaboration, Heather Jantz, co-owner and COO of MJE, LLC, and Jami Helm, owner of Montezuma Drug, have joined forces to address a critical need in their community – affordable housing. These visionary women secured grant funding to develop housing solutions, focusing on underserved populations such as business staff, educators, and young families.

Their effort is more than just a construction project; it’s a commitment to the growth and well-being of Montezuma. By combining their construction and community service expertise, these leaders are paving the way for a brighter future. This initiative supports moderate-income residents and bolsters local businesses and schools, enriching the community fabric.

The Need for Modern Housing

Montezuma’s economic growth has spurred a demand for comfortable, modern residences. The new duplexes, comprising six living units, are designed to meet this demand, offering well-planned living spaces to the community.

Economic and Social Benefits

Beyond meeting housing needs, the project has stimulated local economic growth, created jobs, and supported local contractors, architects, and workers. The duplexes are not just homes but catalysts for broader community development, fostering social interaction and a sense of belonging.

Celebrating Community Spirit

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was more than an inauguration; it celebrated Montezuma’s progress, collaboration, and community spirit. This event marked the beginning of a new, thriving chapter for Montezuma.

As Montezuma faces growth and change, the project spearheaded by these female business leaders stands as a beacon of hope and progress. It’s a testament to what can be achieved when local businesses and community needs align, driven by a passion for positive change.


The unveiling of these duplexes marks a significant milestone for Montezuma and showcases the power of collaboration and visionary leadership in our community. We are proud to be part of this transformative initiative. 

Stay tuned for more updates and inspiring stories of how we’re building a stronger community together, or read about past projects that strengthen our business AND our community – https://mjellc.net/thepowerofstayingput/.

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