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Process and Planning – Civil Construction Secrets

Process and Planning Leads to Construction Success

It’s no secret that MJE has a reputation for being an expert in feedyard and dairy construction. However, you might not know that MJE also tackles massive civil construction projects. As a result, we’ve sharpened our process throughout the years, expanded our skillset, and learned a few industry secrets about incorporating planning to execute an effective construction process.

Secret #1 – Collaboration is a 2-way street.

Typically in civil construction, a civil engineer has carefully designed projects before bringing in a contractor or accepting bids. Throughout the initial project phases, it is vital that general contractors have a keen understanding of project specifications. MJE reviews specs and plans thoughtfully, and drafts ideas for project execution. However, the clearest path to construction success lies in the combined expertise of the general contractor and the clients, engineers, and other stakeholders.

Knowing you have a partner you can count on to spot potential roadblocks, improve schedule efficiencies, and troubleshoot independently can take a project from good to great.

Secret #2 – Front-load the work during pre-construction.

Civil projects have specific challenges that can detail the best-laid plans. Quality contractors spot potential barriers that might hinder progress and account for that during a construction project’s collaboration and design phases. We review plans and craft schedules with deliberate attention to detail. Spending time planning in preconstruction pays off during the active construction phase.

Secret #3 – Quality estimations are not found in crystal balls.

Accuracy in construction estimation & bidding isn’t a guessing game. The best estimators have a clear understanding of client needs and contractor capabilities. In addition, a clearly defined post-project analysis can improve the bid accuracy on the next project. The MJE team meticulously reviews every bid before submission on civil construction projects to minimize change orders and account for possible contingencies.

Secret #4 – Experience counts in construction.

Civil projects often have strict deadlines and project specifications. Honing an effective construction process takes time, knowledge, and the skillset to execute plans. Choosing a construction company that has “been there, done that” can keep work moving and make on-site troubleshooting straightforward.

With over 100 years of combined experience, MJE has the equipment, the project managers, and the job site crews with the skills to construct massive civil projects.

Secret #5 – Efficient scheduling & effective communication can mean money in your pocket.

Most people have heard the adage “Time is money.” That phrase is never more applicable than when it comes to construction. Rising labor costs, equipment repairs, and severe weather can bust a budget or schedule in a hurry. It is crucial to hire contractors who phase construction with precision.

“Projects like we have completed with MJE require out of the box thinking and a willingness to collaborate and challenge conventional construction. Our entire experience with the MJE team was exciting, collaborative, and pleasant.”

– Greg Gardiner, Gardiner Angus Ranch

Reliable project managers move projects forward, even when issues arise. They effectively communicate changes to everyone involved and adjust schedules accordingly. The ability to adjust on the fly without slowing the construction momentum or sacrificing quality is priceless.


Unlocking secrets of civil construction can ease concerns for clients. Hire a general contractor who works collaboratively with clients, engineers, and other stakeholders to strategically and efficiently complete your next civil construction project.

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