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The Power of Staying Put: Finding Happiness & Success on the High Plains

Throughout March, MJE has been introduced to more than 250 students across Southwest Kansas in many ways: Each of these sessions is specifically designed to introduce students to career opportunities available after graduation with MJE and other strong businesses on the High Plains. In addition, MJE provides scholarship/school pay-back opportunities to students interested in Welding […]

From Loyalty to Expertise: MJE’s Long-Term Employees are Our Greatest Asset

Long-term employees are the backbone to the success of MJE. Experience, dedication, and positive company culture are just a few of the benefits to having long-term employees on the job site.

Cattle Handling Basics: Part 3

Improving cattle handling basics can drastically effect handlers and cattle herds. Downed animal care and transporting cattle are crucial components of cattle handling basics.

Tips & Tricks: Cattle Handling Basics – Part 2

Cattle Handling Basics are easy to implement and make a world of difference when it comes to working livestock.

Cattle Handling Basics: Part 1 – The 5Ps of Effective Cattle Handling

Cattle Handling principals are fundamental techniques used by experienced caregivers to keep handlers and cattle safe and less stressed when working cattle.

4H & Cattle Culture: All-American Flair at the Gray County Fair

4H and Cattle Culture go hand-in-hand at the local county fair. This year’s theme is “All-American Flair at the Gray County Fair” and Gwyn Jantz walks us through what 4H means to her.

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