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Eagle U Scholarships Designed to Build Rural Engagement

At MJE, LLC, we believe in the power of nurturing young talent and providing opportunities that allow them to thrive in both personal and professional realms. As part of our ongoing commitment to community development and youth engagement, we are proud to announce a unique initiative aimed at the young leaders of the Southwest Kansas […]

Empowering Montezuma: Celebrating New Housing Development

In an inspiring display of community leadership and collaboration, Heather Jantz, co-owner and COO of MJE, LLC, and Jami Helm, owner of Montezuma Drug, have joined forces to address a critical need in their community – affordable housing. These visionary women secured grant funding to develop housing solutions, focusing on underserved populations such as business […]

The Power of Staying Put: Finding Happiness & Success on the High Plains

Throughout March, MJE has been introduced to more than 250 students across Southwest Kansas in many ways: Each of these sessions is specifically designed to introduce students to career opportunities available after graduation with MJE and other strong businesses on the High Plains. In addition, MJE provides scholarship/school pay-back opportunities to students interested in Welding […]

4H & Cattle Culture: All-American Flair at the Gray County Fair

4H and Cattle Culture go hand-in-hand at the local county fair. This year’s theme is “All-American Flair at the Gray County Fair” and Gwyn Jantz walks us through what 4H means to her.

More than Construction – Building Relationships

MJE builds relationships even better than we build feedyards and dairies. Client relationships are our most valuable asset. Clear communication, comprehensive management, identifying problems, and providing solutions help MJE cultivate lasting relationships.

Investing in the Future

MJE has a relentless focus on investing in the future. Using our time, talents, and dollars, we look for opportunities to help our community.

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